Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a revolutionary working capital program designed to help you manage your cash needs by providing you with a more responsive alternative to traditional bank lending. Many traditional banks no longer meet the needs of growing businesses. Empire Business Funding utilizes a network of lenders that provide quick and effective alternative financing for small businesses in need of cash. We offer a less arduous application process, quick approvals, and a personal touch. We believe in building relationships for the long term. Ours is not a one-time transaction model. Rather, our goal is to work with you as your needs change. We’ll grow as you grow.

Lending requirements vary by product and lender. Most lenders use some combination of the following criteria to make funding decisions: length of time in business; average sales volume; personal credit score; and outstanding debt. Generally, lenders want to ensure that you can afford to repay the loan while continuing to grow your business. If you’re unsure whether your business will qualify for a loan, just call and ask!
The application process is not difficult. We employ real people to help make the application process as simple and easy to understand as possible. After we receive your online application form, we leverage our network of lenders to find you the loan you need.
Based on your particular business, Empire Business Funding will assist you in securing a business loan that meets your needs. There is no “one-size-fits-all” financial product. Some of the more popular forms of financing include: Merchant Cash Advances, Revenue Advances and Asset Based Loans. The Merchant Cash Advance and the Revenue Advance are our most popular products for businesses that have few assets and challenged credit, but enjoy consistent cash flow. With MCAs, lenders deduct a fixed percentage from a merchant’s daily credit card receipts or bank account until the loan is repaid with no fixed payback term or daily payment. Our Revenue Advance, lenders deduct a fixed daily payment with a fixed term to payback advance. An Asset Based Loan is a loan secured by any valuable property, including: real estate, vehicles, equipment, or even personal property, such as jewelry. Generally, if the asset is transportable and has value, it can support an Asset Based Loan.
Loan amounts depend on what a lender expects you’ll be able to repay, while still growing your business. Amounts range from $5,000 to $1,000,000.
Loans typically range from 2 to 48 months but can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.
Your application is free!
Revenue and the health of your business are the primary qualifying factors. However, depending on the type of financing product you choose, lenders may consider your personal credit score.
We employ bank-level security standards to protect your data. Additionally, we respect your privacy and share your application information only in the process of securing your financing from one of our lending partners. We will never sell or rent your information to third parties. For more information on our use of data, please visit our Privacy Policy. Complete our free application now.
Our application process is free. We only make money if you receive funding.
Email us at or call our funding managers at 1-516 654-5544 We are here to help you!
Your experience with Empire will be very different than if you were to apply for a loan with a bank. Our risk tolerance is greater than a typical bank so we are far more likely to say yes to your application when a bank is more likely to say no. In addition, we only ask for a subset of the information that banks ask for and if approved, our customers are typically funded in as little as three days.
Our loans are available in one to four year repayment periods. Long-term loans are designed for borrowers who are looking to make long-term investments in their business like products or service expansion, hiring new employees, and capital improvements. These loans are available up to $500,000 with repayment periods of two to four year terms. We also offer our customers a shorter-term loan designed to help business owners with everyday operating costs of their businesses. These loans offer amounts up to $150,000 and repayment periods of one to two years. Both loan products have fixed interest rates starting as low as 7.99% with payments automatically debited from the customers account twice a month. There are no penalties for paying your loan back early.
Once your application is submitted you will be given a preliminary decision and pricing options within hours from our trained team of specialists.
Generally we can move as fast as our customers. You will receive the money in your account as quickly as three days after submitting your loan application and within one day of executing your loan documents.
Payments are automatically debited from your business checking account daily, weekly or biweekly. Or from your merchant account if its an Merchant Cash Advance.
The cost of a Cash Advance is determined by the size of the business, its industry, sales volume, processing history and other factors. To learn precisely how much your business qualifies for and the relevant cost of an Empire cash advance, simply apply with no obligation.
  • Four Most recent merchant processing statements (if available)
  • Four most recent bank statements (all pages-originals only, no internet copies accepted). NOTE: If the business merchant's business is seasonal they must provide 12 months of past credit card statements and bank statements. Copy of Lease (front page & signature page and or a signed lease extension letter if current lease has expired)
  • Copy of Driver's License
  • Copy of voided check for the business account where the money will be deposited and ACH'd